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✔️ Four breathable layers ✔️ Adjustable nose strip ✔️ Internal pocket for filter

A reusable face mask to be safe and stylish

Mondkatjes are quality, durable face masks that are reusable and safe. They are 100% handmade with passion by Italian designers in The Netherlands.

Thanks to Mondkatjes washable face masks you can always show your taste for fashion and be elegant, original, casual, or simply yourself.

Discover our Mondkatjes

Top-quality face masks

nose wire

The metal nose strip ensures a perfect fit

Filter pocket

Add any extra filters for better protection

Four layers

Perfect balance between breathability and safety

ear loops

This makes our masks extra durable

The most fashionable reusable face mask in the Netherlands

Mondkatjes collections are created in limited edition. Are you curious? Check out the currently available models and discover your favourite cotton face mask!

Four-layer, unicolor cotton face masks, available in two versions: with a pink or light blue lining.

Multilayer face mask for men, in plain or fancy cotton, available in different colours and textures.

Washable animal print face masks. Zebra print, giraffe print and cow print.

Leopard print cotton face masks with four breathable layers, available in different colors.

Bicolour multilayer reusable face mask with different appliques and colours combinations.

Multilayer patterned cotton face mask with filter available in different colours.

Multilayer fabric face mask (in cotton) with dotted decorative layer available in different colours and with different appliques.

Multilayer cotton face mask with filter, with side satin bows.

Finally a comfortable washable face mask, with a touch of class

Reusable black face masks by Mondkatjes. Our masks have four layers, offering an optimal balance between protection and breathability. View the collections
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We make trendy, high quality face masks. Multilayer, with nose wire, filter pocket and super soft earloops. So that you can be safe and feel comfortable while also looking great.

More about Mondkatjes

Our masks are breathable and protective

Mondkatjes face masks come with a combination of four layers, for an optimal balance between breathability and filtration.

  • Outer layer

  • Pocket for
    additional filter

  • Inner layers

  • Innermost layer

4-laagse ademende mondkapjes van Mondkatjes

Each layer is made of 100% quality, skin-friendly cotton so that you can breathe effortlessly while still being protected.

Do washable face masks really work? What scientific research says

Since the beginning of 2020, one of the most debated subjects has been about the effectivity of mask, and whether they actually work.

Initially there was little evidence to either prove or disprove the usefulnesso of mask-wearing. Since then, the global scientific community has been working to understand better how to slow the spread of the virus.

While there’s still much more data to explore, we list here below a few recent studies that acknowledge the efficacy of mask-wearing, focusing particularly on washable cloth face masks.

Read also our face masks FAQ, where we keep an updated list of scientific studies on the efficacy of masks.

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Washable reusable face masks

Mondkatjes’ washable face masks are made of four breathable layers of 100% cotton. Plus, they come with a pocket where you can fit any filter. Our face masks are easy to wash and sterilize: you can reuse them many many times.
Read our blog for more information: The 5 features you want in a fabric face mask

Attention! Wearing a mouth mask has been mandatory since December 11, 2020 in public spaces in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and all other cities in the Netherlands.

Safe and colorful

All Mondkatjes models have an internal filtering layer in microfiber lined with a fine cotton fabric, which adds an extra touch of elegance and colour to each cotton face mask. Discover all the colour combinations of our available collections!

Gekleurde wasbare mondkapje
A washable cotton face mask of the Helena collection

Adjustable ear loops for a durable mask

The ear loops of Mondkatjes' washable face masks are adjustable: you can make them longer or shorter. They are also removable. You can replace them with any others you like. This increases the durability of our fabric reusable masks.
Read our blog: The 5 most common mistakes when using a face mask

Duurzame mondkapjes met verstelbare oorlussen
A black washable face mask of the Jack collection

Reusable masks with filter pocket and nose wire

Mondkatjes' four-layer system is designed as an internal pocket that you can easily fill with any filter of your choice and add some extra protection to your reusable face mask.
Read our blog: A face mask with filter pocket offers better protection

Herbruikbare mondkapjes met filter en neusbeugel
Een stoffen mondkapje met filter van de Hugo collectie

Washable Reusable Face Masks FAQ

How to wash a reusable mask?

Fabric reusable face masks should be cleaned after each use. They can be washed in the washing machine or by hand. If the mask has a filter pocket, remember to empty it before washing the mask.

It is possible to use a regular detergent that can remove dirt and sweat from the surfaces of the mask. Both hot and cold water is fine for rinsing. Finally, the masks can be dried on a drying rack in direct sunlight.

When the mask is dry, it should be kept in a sanitized container until the next use.

Which is better, washable or disposable face masks?

Reusable masks are effective and recommended by the WHO (World Health Organization), US, but they must be made of at least 3 layers to protect properly. A filter pocket is also very important.
Read also: the ultimate face masks FAQ

A good quality reusable face mask can be used several times, and therefore it is a better investment from an economic point of view.
Furthermore, washable masks are more environmentally friendly because are less likely to be dropped on the street.

Where to buy reusable masks in Amsterdam and in the Netherlands?

Washable masks are available in many stores and online shops. For example Etos, Bol, Ako, Hema, Bijenkorf, C&A, Tommy Hilfiger, Hugo Boss, G-star and Zalando.
We recommend supporting small local manufacturers who, like Mondkatjes, make quality handmade face masks. Read the story: Top reasons why some people are anti-masks. Rant of a small masks shop's owner.

Why face masks?

The use of masks helps to limit the spread of the virus, as recognized by the WHO and the Dutch RIVM. Face masks must be used in addition to other protective measures to reduce infection, such as physical distance and constant and careful hand hygiene.

How much do reusable masks cost?

You can buy reusable masks for 5-10 euros, though pay attention to the quality.
Many cheap cloth face masks are made from poor quality fabrics; they do not protect well because they have only one or two layers; and they tend to become loose very quickly. That is why many people prefer to invest in a good quality reusable face mask, made of three or four layers of cotton 100%.

What reusable face masks are best?

A washable face mask has at least three layers of 100% cotton.
It shouldn't be too big or too small and it should fit snugly against your face. For this reason, it is better to choose a mask with adjustable ear loops and a nose clip.
It should also be easy to wash and disinfect.
Read our blog: the 5 features you want in a fabric face mask.

Which shops sell washable masks in the Netherlands?

Although we recommend that you support small local retailers, you can buy fabric washable face masks at major fashion stores, such as Bijenkorf, C&A, Zalando, Tommy Hilfiger, Hugo Boss and G star.
But if you are looking for the most beautiful fabric reusable face masks, then look no further: you will of course find them in the Mondkatjes online store.

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