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Last updated on 30 December 2020

The best face masks which are actually trendy in 2021

The best face masks which are actually trendy in 2021
Our collection of washable face masks

At Mondkatjes since the pandemic began we've been busy wearing, testing, and eventually producing our own face masks. We've been gathering several feedbacks, leading to gradual tweaks to our creations. We are now aware of many little details that you'll want to pay attention to when purchasing a face mask online, and we'll share them on this page.

If you are interested in our story read it here.

Our guide to buy a face masks

We base the “quest for the best” reusable face mask on two criteria:

Below you can find a handy checklist with the top features that make a fabric face mask a good reusable face mask.

Recommended features of a face mask:

With this in mind, here below you can find our reviews of the best face masks that don't make you ugly while keeping you safe. The best trendy face masks that you can buy online, recommended by our team.


Mondkatjes fashion mouth masks

Our own Mondkatjes

Haarlem-based Mondkazjes are quality, durable face masks with a note of originality. While making our face masks we pay extra attention to:

  • Breathability

    The multi-layers fabric allows you to breathe while protecting you; you will be able to breathe without sweating in the mask.

  • Safety

    The flexible nose wire ensure a great fit for your face. As an extra means of protection you can insert any filter in the internal pocket.

  • Comfort

    The super-soft earloops are a must. Many face masks have earloops which tend to hurt behind your ears; we know this because we did test so many before finding the right ones for our masks. Good earloops must be soft on the skin while ensuring that the mask stays in place.

Mondkatjes are available in three sizes; to find yours, measure the distance between your nose bridge and your chin and see which size would be the best fit.

We offer a variety of collections that range from colorful to black face masks, available both for men and for women. All have a touch of originality - and the interested looks we got from people at the train station seem to confirm it.

The face masks of Mondkatjes are all washable (both hand wash and regular laundry) and are comfortable to wear for the whole day; Mondkatjes are really among the best face masks you can purchase online.

View all fashion face masks by Mondkatjes


Trendy face masks by De Bijenkorf

While De Bijenkorf offers a narrower selection than other equally renowned online shops, we are fans of their collection; they are definitely among the best face masks that you can find in a Dutch online shop.

De Bijenkorf does a great job when it comes to the actual item description, something which is not always true for other online resellers and especially when we talk about face masks.

Remember: most online shops do not actually show what their masks’ inner side looks like; often their filtration power is not even mentioned, and there is no way to know whether they include a pocket for an extra disposable filter.

The fashion face masks by Bijenkorf tick all the boxes for us: we liked the total white version just as much as the models with floral or textual prints.



Fashionable face masks by Zalando face masks are the next on our list. On Zalando you can find a large offer of textile printed face masks, all different and brand-specific. From floral patterns to washed out plain colors, you'll most likely find a texture matching your taste!

One detail we've been debating on for long is the adjustable ear loops that some of these fashion face masks feature. While they are nice to have, in our experience they also tend to be painfully tight on the upper and lower side of the ears.



Colorful face masks by Wehkamp

We like the trendy face masks by Wehkamp as they are particularly lightweight and come in a nice variety of pastel colors,with an instant mood-lifting effect.

While this type of mask might be a good choice for a stroll on a hot summer day, when attending a venue such as a theater or an indoor event you might want to pick a face mask made of a thicker fabric and with more layers.

Also, be careful with the washing and drying; we got our masks last June and they still look ok after being washed and reused a couple of times, but if you need to wear a face mask frequently, we advise you to go for a more durable solution.



Black face masks by About You

Even though they are less fashionable than funny, About You face masks really deserve a special mention in our list because they are just great in keeping up the good mood, even in these weird times.

The collection includes both plain color or total black face masks and models in printed cotton that often portray a funny and cute drawing.

Just a piece of advice: always check well the ear loops included in the face masks that you buy. These might be thin and a little coarse, so after a while, they might cause discomfort on the back of your ears.


End words

Face masks are proven to be effective at preventing aerosol droplets from spreading. Remember: a mask must be removed by its ear loops and not by the main body. This is to avoid getting potentially infected droplets on your hands and spreading them around.

You can hand wash your masks with soap or include it in the laundry (at a maximum temperature of 30° C): always use a regular detergent and softener, do not put it in the dryer and simply line-dry it in the sun.

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