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Last updated on 30 December 2020

The World Health Organization advise everyone above 12 should wear a face mask

The World Health Organization advise everyone above 12 should wear a face mask

The new guidelines published by the World Health Organization (WHO) say that face masks, one of the measures adopted to limit the spread of the coronavirus, should be worn from the age of 12 under the same conditions imposed on adults. WHO wrote that little is known about the transmission of the virus by children, but confirmed we have evidence that adolescents can infect in the same way as adults do.

This is the first time that WHO has issued guidelines on face masks for children and teenagers, specifying that everyone from the age of 12 should wear a face mask under the same conditions imposed in each country for adults, especially when it is not possible to guarantee a safety distance of at least one meter and a half.

For children between 6 and 11 years old, WHO recommends evaluating how widespread the coronavirus is in the area where you live and how much children interact with people considered to be most at risk of developing symptoms of COVID-19, such as the elderly. However, children under 5 are not required to wear a face mask.

WHO has not yet specified whether a 12-year-old should also wear a face mask at school, a topic that has been much debated in countries where the new school year has already begun, raising concerns also in the Netherlands.

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