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✔️ Four breathable layers ✔️ Adjustable nose strip ✔️ Internal pocket for filter

About Mondkatjes 😷 Reusable face masks made in the Netherlands

Mondkatjes face masks revolutionize the concept of protection devices and add an extravagant and personal touch to your outfit. Each stylish washable face mask with filter is made of cotton so that it can be easily cleaned and reused; our face masks are available in a variety of models, always crafted with passion and creativity.

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In the country we come from, one of the first to be hardly hit by the virus, people started use masks already in March 2020. So did we, even though we live in the Netherlands.

We soon realized that being one of the few with a mask may attract unpleasant comments, which made us feel uncomfortable.

To overcome this kinds of situations we started design and make our own masks. When someone addressed us because of our masks, we would just hand them a business card - happy to make one for you too!

Three months later we run our own brand of face masks. Inspired by Italy, where it did not take long before people realized the fashion potential of masks.

We make trendy, high quality face masks. Multilayer, with nose wire, filter pocket, and super soft earloops. So that you can be safe and feel comfortable while also looking great.

And a funny name:

Stay safe,
Team Mondkatjes

The most fashionable reusable face mask in the Netherlands

Mondkatjes collections are created in limited edition. Are you curious? Check out the currently available models and discover your favourite cotton face mask!

Four-layer, unicolor cotton face masks, available in two versions: with a pink or light blue lining.

Multilayer face mask for men, in plain or fancy cotton, available in different colours and textures.

Washable animal print face masks. Zebra print, giraffe print and cow print.

Leopard print cotton face masks with four breathable layers, available in different colors.

Bicolour multilayer reusable face mask with different appliques and colours combinations.

Multilayer patterned cotton face mask with filter available in different colours.

Multilayer fabric face mask (in cotton) with dotted decorative layer available in different colours and with different appliques.

Multilayer cotton face mask with filter, with side satin bows.

Reusable face masks with an eye for fashion

The core mission of Mondkatjes is to turn the need to wear face masks into a new opportunity to let your personal style free. The brand was founded in Haarlem at the beginning of 2020 by a team of passionate Italian creatives long living in the Netherlands, driven by the will of raising awareness about the importance of wearing face masks while offering an original way to wear them.
With Mondkatjes the handmade tradition meets the modern time's fast-paced changes, offering you a classy solution to express your taste for fashion while being consciously respectful and protecting yourself with a trendy washable face mask. Our reusable face masks are available in Amsterdam and the Netherlands.

Mondkatjes is based in the beautiful city of Haarlem, the Netherlands.

Trendy fabric face masks made in the Netherlands

Mondkatjes reusable face masks are entirely made of cotton and microfiber and designed with a double layer system meant to serve as a pocket that can be filled with an absorbent paper filter. Each face mask with filter by Mondkatjes can be washed just like any other piece of cotton clothing; our face masks give you thorough protection on transports (in Amsterdam and the Netherlands it is now mandatory to wear a non-medical face mask on all public transport) and crowded venues. The elegant shape and design make Mondkatjes mouth masks a perfect choice for those who do not want to forgo the pleasure of looking elegant; our beautiful face masks come in unique or limited edition models that can be customized in colour and details upon request. Have a look at the gallery and get in touch to request your new washable face mask with filter by Mondkatjes.

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