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✔️ Four breathable layers ✔️ Adjustable nose strip ✔️ Internal pocket for filter



Black face mask with nose wire • Washable and reusable

✔️ Tailor made ✔️ Great fit ✔️ Extra durable
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The black washable face masks of the Jack collection combine sobriety and elegance and are perfect for anyone who prefers a classic style. All models are available in three versions: with pink, light blue or orange cotton lining.

herbruikbare mondmaskers herbruikbare mondmaskers

Our reusable masks are durable and comfortable to wear

Top-quality face masks

nose wire

The metal nose strip ensures a perfect fit

Filter pocket

Add any extra filters for better protection

Four layers

Perfect balance between breathability and safety

ear loops

This makes our masks extra durable

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Our masks are breathable and protective

Mondkatjes face masks come with a combination of four layers, for an optimal balance between breathability and filtration.

  • Outer layer

  • Pocket for
    additional filter

  • Inner layers

  • Innermost layer

4-laagse ademende mondkapjes van Mondkatjes

Each layer is made of 100% quality, skin-friendly cotton so that you can breathe effortlessly while still being protected.

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✔️ Four breathable layers ✔️ Adjustable nose strip ✔️ Internal pocket for filter

Each Mondkatjes face mask is handmade and is realized as a unique piece. Therefore some variations in the fabric texture, such as the position or the orientation of certain details, are to be expected.

19.90 €

We produce each Mondkatjes face mask by hand to fit your custom requirements.

Our masks come with adjustable ear loops to fit your face perfectly.

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Sizes for ladies

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Sizes for men

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How long does shipping take?

It usually takes us 1-3 working days to produce and ship a face mask, except on weekends and on public holidays.
Once we ship the item, you will receive a mail with the track & trace code.
Orders in the Netherlands and Belgium are then usually delivered within 1-2 working days.

Can I return a product?

Sure, our products can be returned within 14 days of ’cooling-off’ period in compliance with the EU regulations for webshops. Read the detailed return policy.

The most fashionable reusable face mask in the Netherlands

Mondkatjes collections are created in limited edition. Are you curious? Check out the currently available models and discover your favourite cotton face mask!

Multilayer face mask for men, in plain or fancy cotton, available in different colours and textures.

Washable animal print face masks. Zebra print, giraffe print and cow print.

Leopard print cotton face masks with four breathable layers, available in different colors.

Bicolour multilayer reusable face mask with different appliques and colours combinations.

Multilayer patterned cotton face mask with filter available in different colours.

Multilayer fabric face mask (in cotton) with dotted decorative layer available in different colours and with different appliques.

Multilayer cotton face mask with filter, with side satin bows.

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We make trendy, high quality face masks. Multilayer, with nose wire, filter pocket and super soft earloops. So that you can be safe and feel comfortable while also looking great.

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This is what people who buy our face masks say.

Super comfortable and cute face mask, I wore it on the train for a couple of hours and could breathe and talk easily. I like the colourful texture and the resistant yet transpirant material. Very satisfied!
Sarah M.
Very stylish mask, it is so comfortable that I almost forgot to take it off when I got off the trein!
Mary H.
Beautiful and fits perfectly, the fabric is light enough to let you breathe easily but still very resistant, absolutely recommended.
Lisa B.

High Quality black reusable masks

The primary function of face masks is protection, but that doesn't mean you can't wear something elegant. Choosing the right face mask can really enhance your look.

Washable face masks of black color are very popular. To be elegant though, a reusable face mask must be made of quality fabric.
At Mondkatjes we use black fabrics of 100% cotton, like that of a nice shirt.
Our reusable masks are made of 4 layers. The inner layer is available in light blue, pink or orange.

The face masks of the Jack - Black Reusable Mask collection have removable and adjustable ear loops.
This way the face mask always adheres perfectly to your face, without ever coming loose. This significantly increases the durability of the face mask.
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The black face masks of Mondkatjes are shipped with black laces, but you can replace them with the colored ones you prefer.

What are the best face masks of black color?

Masks became an item that we wear daily. You often see people not only wearing surgical masks, but also washable masks: coloured or black.
Black face masks go well with every outfit and are suitable for both formal and informal occasions. This is because they hardly conflict with the rest of the look.

Where to buy black face masks: online, in Amsterdam and in the Netherlands

The black masks of the Jack collection combine class and elegance.
Thanks to their four layers of 100% cotton fabric, they ensure an optimal balance between breathability and protection.

A black mask with nose wire

Like all face masks made by Mondkatjes, the black washable masks also have a flexible nose bridge, a metal nose clip for a perfect fit.

A reusable mask with filter

The masks of Mondkatjes also have a pocket for a filter. You can add any filter for extra security.

Handmade reusable black masks

Are you looking for high quality washable black face masks? Mondkatjes has the best offer.

Black breathable masks

Our black washable face masks are made of high-quality and breathable fabric, 100% cotton.

Small and large black face masks, tailor-made

Our reusable masks are available in 6 different sizes, for women and men.

Size table for women small medium large
Size table for men small medium large

Washable masks with removable black laces

One of the most popular details of face masks are the black rubber bands. Black laces can make a mask very elegant and stylish.

When we make our masks, we always try different combinations of earloops, to see which ones suit the fabric best.

A black face mask with removable laces

Safe and colorful

All Mondkatjes models have an internal filtering layer in microfiber lined with a fine cotton fabric, which adds an extra touch of elegance and colour to each cotton face mask. Discover all the colour combinations of our available collections!

Gekleurde wasbare mondkapje
A washable cotton face mask of the Helena collection

Adjustable ear loops for a durable mask

The ear loops of Mondkatjes' washable face masks are adjustable: you can make them longer or shorter. They are also removable. You can replace them with any others you like. This increases the durability of our fabric reusable masks.
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Duurzame mondkapjes met verstelbare oorlussen
A black washable face mask of the Jack collection

Reusable masks with filter pocket and nose wire

Mondkatjes' four-layer system is designed as an internal pocket that you can easily fill with any filter of your choice and add some extra protection to your reusable face mask.
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Herbruikbare mondkapjes met filter en neusbeugel
Een stoffen mondkapje met filter van de Hugo collectie