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✔️ Four breathable layers ✔️ Adjustable nose strip ✔️ Internal pocket for filter

The top 5 favourite stylish face masks by Mondkatjes in Amsterdam

Mondkatjes reusable fabric face masks are meant to be functional and protective, and, at the same time, to offer you the chance to always look stylish and original. Each cotton face mask is handmade, provided with an adjustable flexible nose strip bridge, and refined with a colorful internal lining that works as a pocket for extra filters. Our trendy face masks collections have distinctive features that make them unique: below you can find the top 5 most fashionable face masks by Mondkatjes, selected by our happy customers in Amsterdam and the Netherlands.


hugo trendy face mask for men

The best selling in the Netherlands of the Hugo collection by Mondkatjes, this stylish face mask for men offers is entirely made of cotton and includes a colorful lining and extra soft ear loops. The trendy face mask for men is loved by Mondkatjes’ customers for its elegant look and for being particularly comfortable to wear even for long hours.

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washable face masks

The leopard print face masks from our Savannah collection are 100% made of cotton and are ideal for those who want an original and colorful look. These washable face masks are available in four different shades, both in single-colored and bicolor version.


Bella trendy face mask by Mondkatjes

By far the most loved of all creations by Mondkatjes, this elegant cotton face mask is perfectly representative of the Bella collection spirit: combining extremely functional features such as the internal protective lining for filters and the adjustable nose strip bridge with a characteristic touch of bon ton, this trendy face mask suits both elegant and casual outfits. The white dotted purple texture and the light pink side ribbons make Bella stylish face mask a real fashion item, comfortable to wear and beautiful to look at.

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Helena cotton face masks by Mondkatjes

Two colours, three layers of protection: this is the perfect description of each Helena cotton face mask’s concept. The above Helena model is a stylish face mask ideal for those who want to add an exotic touch to their look; this functional and trendy face mask in the tone of blue and black can be also secured with matching extra side laces.

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Laura cotton face masks by Mondkatjes

All colorful models of Laura collection are unique, but all share one feature: each item is a functional and trendy face mask. The above exemplar is available in a fancy fuchsia texture with printed foxes and is Mondkatjes’ customers’ favorite in Amsterdam. This original and stylish face mask will add a pinch of fun to your outfit, making you feel comfortably safe. Laura breathable cotton face mask can be worn for several hours, thanks to the light fabric it is made of and to the extra soft ear loops.

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Kylie fabric reusable face masks by Mondkatjes

This stylish face mask is realized in plain black cotton and embellished with one side purple bow. The removable pink satin laces that come with the Kylie cotton face mask are the extra touch of style that will make you stand out: since you have to wear a face mask, why should you miss the chance to look gorgeous?

Kylie reusable face mask is one of the most loved items by Mondkatjes’ customers, namely for its elegant look in combination with the comfort it provides: this stylish face mask is ideal to wear on public transports (also on long-mid distance trips) and in crowded spaces.

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