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Last updated on 30 December 2020

Why and where to wear face masks in Amsterdam in October 2021

Why and where to wear face masks in Amsterdam in October 2021

Den Haag, September 28, 2020

Due to the increasing number of corona infections in the Netherlands, the cabinet has announced new measures at national level tonight. In addition to tightening up the current measures, Ministers Rutte and De Jonge have confirmed that the cabinet does not want to lock down the country immediately. Therefore, stronger measures will be introduced nationwide from the 29th of September at 6:00 PM.

Requirement and advice to wear a face mask

Where you are required to wear a face mask

Advice to wear a face mask

On the 28th of September, the mayors of the 25 security regions asked the cabinet to determine a central approach against coronavirus. In the main cities, the cabinet has not introduced a requirement to wear a face mask, but has recommended wearing it in shops and interior spaces. Retailers may refuse someone if they do not want to wear a face mask.

Also on September 28th, Mayor Halsema of Amsterdam encouraged all residents to wear a mouth mask in the public closed spaces.

The retailers and the catering industry are asked to include a duty to wear masks in their policy.
For example, HEMA has communicated that it will advise customers in the major cities to only enter shops with a face mask; wearing a mask is mandatory for the staff in those branches.

It is also urgent to wear a mask for all professions which involve direct contact with public. The measures apply to the regions:

Read more about the measures against coronavirus in the Netherlands and the role of face masks.

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In the Netherlands since the 1st of June you are required by law to always wear a face mask on public transport; everyone older than 13 is required to cover their mouth and nose with a non-medical mouth mask while travelling on buses, trams, trains, planes, taxis and coaches.

The purpose of such rules is to limit the spread of Coronavirus and leave at the same time the available medical face masks for medical staff.

In Amsterdam and in the rest of The Netherlands you can find many shops that sell face masks - although the best masks are available online - but where exactly do you have to wear them?

Where do you need to wear a face mask in Amsterdam?

Do I need to wear a mask in the Amsterdam musea?

Waar zijn mondkapjes verplicht in Amsterdam Rijksmuseum

From the 30th of September 2020, the Rijksmuseum renders face masks mandatory for visitors aged 13 and over. "Safety comes first," said a spokesman. Visitors will have to bring a mask themselves in order to enter the museum.

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Face masks measures in Amsterdam City Centre

Waar zijn mondkapjes verplicht in Amsterdam centrum

In the shops and streets of the city centre you are not compelled to use a face mask, but you are required to have one when you use public transport. This means that if you get on a bus, train or tram without wearing a face mask you risk getting a 95 euros fine. In Amsterdam you are not required to wear a face mask at the bus stop or in the station. However, it is very important that you avoid crowded streets and shops and make sure you always keep the minimum social distance (1,5 m) between you and others.

Starting from Wednesday the 5th until the 31st of August it was compulsory to wear a face mask in the streets and shops in the Red Light District, in the shopping area of Kalverstraat and Nieuwendijk and in the markets in Plein ‘40-’45 and in Albert Cuypstraat. This measure applied to everyone who is 13 years or older and was not supposed to replace other safety measures such as social distancing. After 3 weeks the project has been stopped and results are being currently evaluated; from a first analysis it seems that wearing a face mask has not had an impact on people’s behavior and that shopping streets were not less crowded than usual. More results will be communicated in the coming weeks.

Face masks mandatory in Amsterdam Station

Waar zijn mondkapjes verplicht in Amsterdam Centraal

It is not mandatory to wear a face mask inside the station or on the platforms, but if you step on a train without a mouth mask you risk to get a fine (95 euros). Also, you have to wear a face mask on all piers and boats leaving from Amsterdam Central Station.

Parks in Amsterdam: is a mouth mask needed?

Many people still wonder: shall I wear a face mask if I go to the Westerpark or the Vondelpark in Amsterdam? And what about wearing face masks in museums?

You don’t need to wear a face mask in the open air, so if you feel like having a picnic or a BBQ in one of Amsterdam's parks you don’t need to worry.

It is of course extremely important that you follow the Rijksoverheid’s advice: always keep the minimum social distance from others (1,5 m), wash your hands frequently, cough and sneeze into your elbow and try to avoid very crowded areas.

Schiphol Airport

Waar zijn mondkapjes verplicht in Amsterdam Schipol

Inside Schiphol Airport the use of a face mask is compulsory at the check-in desks, at security and during boarding. All passengers and flying crew are required to wear a face mask during the whole flight.

Before and after the security you can find many shops selling non-medical mouth masks, but we suggest bringing along a previously purchased one to Schiphol- ideally you should have one or more reusable washable face masks with you.

Although it is not mandatory to wear face masks in the shops and in the public areas of the airport, Schiphol has asked travelers to use a face mask everywhere from the moment they arrive until their departure. This is not yet a mandatory requirement, but the airport has "asked the cabinet to introduce the general obligation" said a spokesperson for Schiphol.

Schiphol has implemented several extra corona measures, such as using separation screens and a broadcast message that reminds travelers to always keep the minimum social distance.

In August, a special test area was also set in Schiphol, so that people coming from a code orange or red area can be voluntarily tested straight away.

Regulations about the use of masks are currently different throughout the EU: before you travel to your destination, make sure you are informed of where you are required to wear a face mask.

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